Customer Testimonials

You gave me some of your products at the Raleigh Bass Expo when Skeet and I came into your booth. I have been using them since then on my boat and thought you might like some feedback. Thats some good stuff ! I've owned a boat for over 20 years, used several name brand products designed to clean boats, none have worked as well and with the ease of yours.

I put your products to the real test this week, I had a trip to Harris with a fisherman who chews tobacco, he 'spit' all over the sides and gunnel of my boat. Your product made ease of removing the stains, no easy task if you have ever experienced dried tobacco juice. Thats proof enough for me, it works !

Thanks again for the great products. Keep up the great work !

Good Fish'n!

Jeffrey Thomas
Carolina Outdoors

Hi. Captain Gary I spoke with you at the Charleston Sportsman Classic. When I got home I used the Bass Boat Instant Shine on my 201XL Stratos powered by Yamaha 250hpdi. I was impressed. It works, what a shine! I will talk about it at my next bass club meeting. Great product.

Thank you

David Anderson

These products are amazing. I would recommened them to anybody that is an avid angler. Everybody is looking for an edge in competetive fishing. With these products you will have more time to focus on fishing rather than focusing on "is my boat well taken care of". I tell you friends, from the instant bass boat spray shine to the fishermans hand sanitizer they are really amazing. I've been using these products since "Buster" offered me some from the boat show in Raliegh N.C. I'm telling you friends if you want to focus more on fishing and spend less time wondering "Is my boat taken care of" then if I were you, I'd get you some of "Captain Garys Marine Products" you'd be glad you did.

Leland Stiff

In February 2009, while fishing a tournament, I had an unfortunate accident. As I opened my bottle of chartreuse fishing dye over the side of my boat, the bottom of the bottle cracked spilling the entire contents into the water. The dye stained the side of my boat and I tried without success to wipe the stain off. After fishing all day and after removing my boat from the water, I noticed the stain was still there and it didn't come off as I wiped down the boat. I remembered my bottle of Captain Gary's Bass Boat Instant Shine and thought I'd give it a try. To my delight, it completely removed the stain on my boat and the majority of the stain that was still on my hand. My boat looks brand new!

Great Stuff!

Ron Johnson

I checked out the Bass Boat Instant Shine product and it works great. You guys have a great product. Keep up the good work.

Hume Hawkins

aka Basswipe

Gary was kind enough to send me a sample bottle of his 'Bass Boat Instant Shine'....well,I had my tourney on Lanier today, and decided to try this new stuff.....all I can say is "WOW"....I wiped my boat down,and afterward,I swear,you can read a book in the reflection.....my 9yr old boat now has a mirror finish....to say I'm impressed is an understatement...........

Thanks Gary for the sample,and for a great product.....I showed all the guys in my club,and now I'm telling all my friends ....GREAT STUFF

Todd Anderson, Marietta, Ga.

I was on a local fishing site and was given your Bass Boat Instant Shine product a rave review and people responded whats different between your product and the rest? Today was the first I have used it and it made a big difference in the way I will clean my boat from now on. I was one to wax my boat twice a month at least now I can tell with your product it might be once every 2 months. Anyway the only answer I could give them was the obvious no film like the other companies product and it smells better. Could you give me a little more help with answering their question?

Thanks a lot for a great product fast, easy and simple.

Lenny Baird.

I picked up your product from Warbird Outdoors in Woodbridge Virginia

I'd like to start out by saying thank you so much for a great product! I met Gary at the boat show in Greensboro, NC and explained to him that I spilled chartreuse dye all over the side of my white Skeeter ZX225. At the time I had tried several hopeful remedies to no avail. Gary handed me a bottle of Captain Gary's Fiberglass Rejuvenator and told me how to apply it. When I arrived home the next day I applied the rejuvenator and it completly removed the dye and looked brand new! I also use the Bass Boat Instant Shine after pulling my boat out of the water everytime at the lake and it keeps my boat looking brand new! Gary and his staff were very professional and very helpful. After using Captain Gary's Marine Care Products I can truly say "I beleive in these products"!

Thanks Again,
Anthony Rife

I purchased a bottle of Bottom Cleaner at the fishing expo on 1/16/10 in Richmond, Va. It worked absolutely great. No more yellow hull. Thank you. What would you recommend as a wax to use for my hull? I have a Nitro fiberglass bass boat.

Jim Haskins

Hello. I had purchased some of your Aluminum Diamond Plate Cleaner and Brightener at the FLW event at the Cabarras Arena on March 27, 2010. While I don't fish or even own a boat, I do own a 1976 Volkswagon Beetle that my husband and I have completely refurbished. It has a lot aluminum trim around the windows and down the side of the car. I have tried tons of products to polish that trim...believe me. The only thing that I could find was some 3M Marine polish. This did work, however, I found your product works even better! Because it is a local product, I feel even better about buying it. I was going to use the All-Purpose Boat Soap and Polish as soon as I got home, however the weather wasn't warm enough to get my hands in a bucket of soapy water. I will let you know how that works soon enough since local car shows start up in two weeks. Thanks for providing a local product that makes my car look like "new"! Or as new as a '76 Volkswagon can.

Kate Littlehales

Thank you for supporting Deep Creek Lures Tournament Trail. Myself and my partner, Max Altman won the tournament on Jordan Lake yesterday. After receiving the First place money, they asked me if I had Captain Gary's Products in my bass boat? I did and I received an extra $50.00. Thank you for doing this. I appreciate your support.

I would like to also thank you for supporting the Warriors on the Water event this past Friday. It is sponsors like you that help to make this event so successful.

Hal Abshire
WOW Co-Founder

Thanks so very much for your southern hospitality shown to Devon and I this past weekend. It was great working with you all at the show. Spending time with you, the staff and getting to know them was very special. I thank you so much for this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you all and helping again very soon.


I was recently provided a SAMPLE of your "Bass Boat Instant Shine" spray bottle to try by one of your Staff Members (Chris Craft) from Anna Point Marina Shore Store in Virginia. I would just like to say, you definitely have an awesome bass boat-cleaning product here. The other boat cleaner I am currently using right now has a two step process where I have to apply it but it still requires me to go over it again to buff out the cleaner-residue before my boat can actually shine. Let's just say it's a lot of work. Don't get me wrong though; the cleaner has kept my boat looking good the last 5 years since I purchased it.
But, after trying Captain Gary's cleaner yesterday, I am highly impressed!! I for sure will be purchasing this product very soon and it'll be my new choice as a cleaner used on my bass boat this year. I love its one step easy application; it cleaned my boat and shined it at the same time. It's definitely a huge time-saver. Thanks for creating an awesome boat cleaner! .

Noel Cespedes

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